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and localization partner

Lahokoski Linguistics provides professional translation, localization, and proofreading services. We translate from English, German, Spanish and Swedish into Finnish, as well as from Finnish into Spanish.

Your IT & Video Games Translator

Lahokoski Linguistics is a small Finnish translation and localization business, founded 2005.

We are specialized in video game localization, software localization, consumer electronics and office devices, and can translate or localize your content from English, German, Spanish, and Swedish into Finnish, as well as from Finnish into Spanish.

We also offer proofreading and editing services.






Quality and Confidentiality

Lahokoski Linguistics takes great pride in its work and strives for long-lasting collaboration with its clients by delivering excellent quality and accommodating any deadline.

The latest translation software enables us to handle a wide variety of file types and helps us ensure efficiency and consistency within and across projects. We handle every translation project carefully and confidentially.

Upon request, we can also arrange for our translations to be verified by an independent reviewer.

Software Localization

Video Game Localization

Computers & Peripherals

Office Equipment

Consumer Electronics


We FINNISH Your Games!

Video games attract an ever-wider audience of all ages, and the demand for localized games continues to grow. Localizing your game can increase its international appeal.

We at Lahokoski Linguistics love playing games, as well as translating them! From mobile to consoles, we are familiar with different video game platforms and game genres as well as the terminology and style required. We adapt your video game for the Finnish audience. We’ll ensure it relays just as well as it does in your original language to create the impression you’re after: be it funny or thrilling.