Translation, Localization, Proofreading, and more

Lahokoski Linguistics offers professional linguistic services related to the Finnish language. We translate and localize your content from English, German, Swedish, and Spanish into Finnish, as well as from Finnish and English into Spanish. We also offer proofreading and editing of previously translated texts, as well as general language consulting. Thanks to our network of trusted colleagues, we can also recommend professional translators for other Nordic and European languages, or organize a multilingual team for your project.

Video Games, Software, and everything IT

Lahokoski Linguistics is specialized in the ever-growing technology areas of video game localization, software localization, consumer electronics and office devices. We localize user interface messages of software and firmware, video game content, websites, user documentation, instruction manuals, product catalogs, brochures, presentations, etc. We translate various text types in multiple other fields, as well. For some concrete examples of our work, take a look at this list of our ongoing projects.

Quality and Confidentiality

The latest translation software enables us to handle a wide variety of file types, and helps us ensure efficiency and consistency within and across projects. Every translation project is handled carefully and confidentially. Unless otherwise agreed, we do not outsource your projects but handle them personally, from the preparation of the files to the final check of the translation before it is published. Upon request, we can arrange for our translations to be checked by an independent proofreader.

Translation is a way to drive revenue and approach new markets. Well-translated content ensures that you are sending the right message to your international customers. Any published content from your company forms an important part of the customer experience and affects the business image. Lahokoski Linguistics helps you make a good impression by ensuring that your content is translated appropriately, matches the source text, and is tailored to the target audience. Ask for a quote now!
Video games are no longer just for “geeks”, but attract an ever wider audience of kids and adults alike, and the demand for localized games is growing. Localizing your games can increase their international appeal. We at Lahokoski Linguistics love playing games, as well as translating them! Video game localization is challenging, creative and fun work. We are familiar with different video game platforms and their specific terminology and style. Taking into account all linguistic, cultural and technical aspects, we adapt your video game for the Finnish audience, making sure it works as well as in the original language, and creates the impression you’re after – be it funny, scary or thrilling! FINNISH Your Games – ask for a quote today!