We concentrate on what we know best

We love what we do. But that’s not all. We also know our strengths and only take on assignments that we are confident we can deliver to the highest standard.

Our translations are always 100% human

Machine Translation (MT) cannot, even at its best, reach the fluency or accuracy of a fully human translation. In addition, Finnish is a difficult language to learn even for humans, let alone for machines. This is why Lahokoski Linguistics does not offer or use MT or even post-edited machine translations.

We do not shun technology completely, however. We use the latest Translation Memory software (called CAT – Computer Aided Translation). The software saves every translated phrase or sentence alongside the original text into a Translation Memory. That way any piece of text only needs to be translated once, saving time. Thanks to this, we can offer discounts on repetitive texts and save you money, too. It is also possible to search for previously translated terms and phrases in the memory, which helps to maintain terminological and stylistic consistency. Your translator always checks and edits all TM suggestions carefully to make sure that they fit the context.

Your project stays with us

Translation companies sometimes outsource your project to another company or freelance translator. There can even be several middlemen between you and the (often anonymous) person who actually translates your text – each adding to costs and potentially causing delays, compromising confidentiality, and complicating communication.

As a small business, Lahokoski Linguistics handles every project personally. You will know exactly who will translate your text, and can easily keep in touch during and after the project in case any questions arise. Working without the middlemen and overhead of larger companies keeps our prices more affordable.

Tailored service and pricing

We make sure to understand your needs and expectations right from the beginning. Do you need a simple translation for personal use? A precise and matter-of-fact translation for a user manual? A humorous translation for your video game? A fully polished, catchy text for effectively marketing your products? We deliver what you need, when you need it, and for a price that matches the level of service required.

We have a network of trustworthy translators covering various Scandinavian and European languages

If you have a project that needs to be translated into several languages, we can organize a multilingual team for you. If you need translations in specialized fields that we do not offer, we can help you find translators for those as well. All professionals are colleagues who we know and have worked with personally, so we can recommend them without reservation.

13 years and counting!

We have been in the translation and linguistics business since 2005, and we’re still going strong with an ever-changing roster of client opportunities.

Here are a few examples of our experience in different fields (updated in December 2018):

Video games

  • A game series for PC/Mac, consoles and mobile: Localization and review of UI, other game content, and marketing material. English – Finnish, over 700,000 words since 2012
  • An online game: Localization and review of game text and instructions. English – Finnish, approximately 170,000 words since 2011


  • ERP & PIM software: Localization of UI and Help. German – Finnish, approximately 150,000 words since 2007


  • Printers: Localization of firmware and documentation. English – Finnish, over 450,000 words since 2007
  • Consumer electronics: Localization of firmware, apps, and user documentation for audio systems. English – Finnish, over 130,000 words since 2014


  • Medical: Translation of documentation for medical and dental equipment. German/English – Finnish, over 500,000 words since 2005
  • Technical: Localization of UI and documentation for various machines and devices. German/English – Finnish, over 300,000 words since 2005